I am based in both London and Sussex where I equally photograph most of my weddings, although I also regularly photograph weddings in Surrey, Kent, Essex, Hampshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Cambridgeshire, as well as further a field like Cornwall, Devon, the Midlands, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, it would be fair to say that I am willing to travel to most locations. I am lucky to have traveled to many different places, and this for me is part of the enjoyment, I feel I have visited many churches but there are so many more to visit not just here in the UK but all over the world

I have a passion for wedding photography and have been working as a wedding photographer for over 12 years and as a photographer even longer. I first started taking photographs at a very young age, this continued through to when I first attended art school in Reigate, Surrey, I went from there onto Croydon art college to study theater design, often using imagery in my stage sets, I have always had a passion for drama and I feel this comes out in my photography, I love to capture all the emotions of the day, the laughter, smiles and tears, as long lost friends meet each other again and families reunite to celebrate a couples coming together in marriage.

I generally work with another female wedding photographer, we have a great partnership as we both understand and instinctively know where the other photographer is, one of us takes the wide shots and the other takes the close up shots, this works so well for both of us and of course the couple getting married, we never miss anything and often its the little moments that make up for the most beautiful photographs.


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